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All the Details about our Pricing

No surprises

When James and I were first engaged and started searching around for a wedding photographer, the common practice of "hidden pricing" was incredibly frustrating to us. When I was blearily browsing around on photographers' websites at 1:00 am, I was confounded by how much WORK it was to find out the cost of their services. Almost everyone required me to send an email or fill out a form. A few had some "starting at" prices, which was better, but I still felt a little exasperated not knowing what I was walking into. And I get it. Sales strategy is a big  deal and for many photographers, that structure has helped them make a lot of money.  Except... James and I hate sales. We like creating art. We like building friendships with our clients. Having a complicated "sales strategy" was a huge roadblock between us and the people we wanted to connect with. So when we started building Shutter Force, we knew that transparency and upfront pricing was going to be a big part of how we operate. It allows us to leap right on beyond the uncomfortable conversations and right into the "let's get excited about your wedding" part. 


So, we created three wedding packages to choose from. All our pricing includes everything listed within a package, except taxes. EVERY package is customizable. Most couples mix and match to create their perfect combination for their plans and budget. We move things around a LOT. But we also know most couples don't really know where to start (as if wedding planning isn't already overwhelming!) so the three packages are home base.    

Our most popular package by FAR is "The Storybook," ringing in at $3,950 plus tax. This 8-hour package usually covers the ideal timeline for most of the couples we work with, in which both James and I shoot as two primary photographers. The package that is absolutely the most value for your investment is the "Happily Ever After." This grand package includes 10 hours of coverage and also includes $350 worth of album credit, which is enough to cover a beautiful 10x10" photo book. You can always choose to upgrade this to a heirloom luxe album if you're interested in thicker pages that are meant to last more than 100 years!

We're more than happy to walk you through all your options. Like I said in the beginning, we really care about being transparent and competitive with our pricing, and we want everything to be the right match for your wedding. From our personalities to our package options, our goal is to make sure we're the right fit for you. Your photographers are the vendors on your wedding day you'll spend the most amount of time with... and it's amazing how exponentially better your day will be when your photographers are the right match for you.

Engagement Sessions  - Heck YES, we LOVE them

Both our 8+ hour packages include an engagement shoot, but some couples choose to upgrade that to an Adventure Shoot (send us a message if you'd like to learn more about this awesome option!) If you've already had one done by another photographer or family friend (or perhaps just don't want one, that's cool too) and are seeking just wedding day photography coverage, the Documentary package was designed just for you! We think engagement sessions are the best because it's like a warm-up to get to know what it's like to hang out with us and our cameras, you take home amazing images, and WE get the chance to know you better too. We love them so much, we wrote a blog post about how awesome they are.

Your photos

Yes! We do give you the high-resolution, digital images that we've edited, in .jpeg format. Woo-hoo! We deliver a minimum of 400+ edited images, but the total delivered will depend on the length of the day and number of events photographed. We often deliver more, but never fewer. Every wedding day is different. We've found from our experience that once you get into the 1,000+ range images of your wedding day - things start to get pretty overwhelming. Ain't nobody got time for that! There's a huge value in having professionals narrow your day down to the best of the best, and that's where we come in.

We also issue you personal printing rights, so you can print and share your photos where you want and with whom. We choose not to watermark our images, so you get to enjoy them all, just as intended by the artists. We do retain the commercial copyright, so if you want to use them in a particular way (like for monetary value or on a billboard) you'll just have to get in touch with us first so we can make a plan. Since you'll own the personal print rights, you aren't limited to using our printing house partners, but you can still order the highest quality prints through us: directly from your client gallery and they'll even be delivered directly to your house. It's wicked easy. You can even order wall art like canvas or metal prints or other photo gifts right from your gallery. In your pajamas. Awesome.

Free Consultations

We love to schedule in-person meet ups (or phone chats and Zoom sessions!), either over coffee or drinks if you're so inclined (New Mexico has the BEST breweries - hint, hint!) to talk about what each offering entails and craft a custom package. We also offer an a la carte menu for prints, albums, wall art and additional hours, but a consult is the best way to go over any of those options.

Booking Us

The booking process with us is also really simple. We email you an official quote. When you review it and click Accept, we email you our contract to review and e-sign along with your first invoice, for a 25% non-refundable retainer required to lock in your date. The remaining balance is due thirty (30) days prior to your wedding date. Many couples choose to pay over installments, which is quite easy to do also. And that's it! Then we get to move on to scheduling your engagement shoot and start to get excited for your wedding day.

Let's meet up! Call or text us at (505) 309-0835 or fill out an Inquiry Form. We'd love to hear from you and start planning your amazing adventure with you.

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